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Tips on Texas Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

When a person gets to the point where bankruptcy is a possibility, many fear that they will lose the things that they hold most dear. The biggest of these worries is whether the person can stay in his ...
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & Texas DUI Judgments

When a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is filed, it is normal to expect that all unpaid unsecured debts will be discharged. Debtors who file Chapter 7 cases may include for discharge not only credit cards ...
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & Texas Wage Garnishment

If someone is facing a bankruptcy, he or she may wonder how that bankruptcy will affect other aspects of his or her life. If the individual is already under a wage garnishment order, it is a ...
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Can Rental Debt Be Discharged Through Bankruptcy?

Many debts can be discharged through bankruptcy, but not all debts qualify. Certain debts are not dischargeable even though the debts in question are likely the cause of a great deal of financial ...
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Credit Issues After Bankruptcy

After filing for bankruptcy, certain issues may be encountered regarding credit reports and what information the credit bureau has on record. Below are some common problems and some solutions to help ...
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5 Tips On What Not To Do When Considering Bankruptcy 

Bankruptcy can be confusing, even for those who are knowledgeable about finances and the law. Many misconceptions exist as to what to do, what not to do, and what to expect. Filers must be aware of ...
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5 Tips When Deciding to File for Bankruptcy and Divorce

Finances are a leading cause for divorce, so it comes as no surprise that divorce and bankruptcy are often linked. Each is a separate legal proceeding but can significantly affect the other. Here are ...
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What To Expect At A Meeting With Creditors After Declaring Bankruptcy In Texas

Under Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code, all debtors seeking some form of bankruptcy must meet with the bankruptcy trustee in what is called a “Meeting of Creditors” or “341 Meeting.” Aside from the ...
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How A Bankruptcy Trustee Can Influence A Bankruptcy Case In Texas

Several different parties play a role in a bankruptcy proceeding: the debtor, the creditors, the Court and the Bankruptcy Trustee. However, the title “Bankruptcy Trustee” does very little to explain ...
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What Do I Do If A Collection Agency Is After Me?

Credit cards can be tricky resources. If used properly, they can assist with making purchases in a difficult time. If used carelessly, they can lead to multiple collection proceedings and even ...
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Can I File for Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

Attorneys are asked this question frequently when it comes to any type of legal matter. “Can I do this without a lawyer?” Usually this means that the person facing the legal proceeding wants to avoid ...
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Important Bankruptcy FAQ’s Answered

Bankruptcy is often given a pretty bad reputation. Many people want to avoid it at all costs because of the negative stigma that is associated with filing for bankruptcy. Others simply do not ...
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Why Should I Consider Chapter 7?

We all hit hard times. No one is exempt from the effects of unemployment, illness, business failure, divorce or other calamities that cause people to get behind on paying their debts. Sometimes it is ...
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What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Unlike Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 does not immediately discharge debt. Rather, it is a form of court protection from creditors as an individual works with a structured plan to pay off debts as ...
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Are Student Loans Dischargeable Under Bankruptcy?

Most people believe that student loan debts absolutely are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. While most of the time this statement is true, it it not true all of the time. In fact, student loan debts ...
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What Kinds of Debts Can Bankruptcy Eliminate?

For some people, bankruptcy is synonymous with “financial ruin” and is something that should be avoided at all costs. While filing for bankruptcy is not something that you should take lightly, it will ...
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Is Bankruptcy Right for You? 3 Questions to Ask

People may find themselves in a financial bind for a number of reasons, including job loss, unemployment, divorce, health problems, poorly performing investments, or even the simple over utilization ...
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Will I Lose My Assets If I File For Bankruptcy?

People facing serious financial struggles can often benefit from bankruptcy. They may be hesitant to file for bankruptcy due to several concerns. A common concern is what will happen to their assets ...
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Pros and Cons of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Almost everyone has heard the term “bankruptcy,” often in a negative context. However, bankruptcy can be extremely beneficial for many households, as it can provide financial relief so that you can ...
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